Here are some comments from our past clients.
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“We got nothing but compliments at our wedding for the photobooth. At first we thought it would be more of a entertainment for kids but even the adults had a blast. Would use it again in a heartbeat.”

Nicole | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.10.13

“My daughter was the Bridal Fantasy winner from October 2012, one of the prizes was from Black Tie Photobooth. Her wedding was this past weekend, August 9th, 2013. The overall experience was wonderful! Our guests thought the photobooth was great, they loved it. I have experienced other photobooths and the thing that really sets Black Tie above the others is the Props they supply, the props really make it a lot of fun. Putting the memory book together right on the spot is also another plus, it was so fun to look at the book the following day and not have to wait to receive it. The quality of the photos is also great, very clear. I would highly recommend Black Tie Photobooth!”

Kim | Satisfied Mother of the Bride | Event date: 8.9.13

“We had such a great night! You can tell by the volume and pictures themselves that the photo booth was a huge hit!! Thank you very much!”

Tim and Tena | Satisfied Bride and Groom | Event date: 8.3.13

“If you are just thinking about using Black Tie Photobooth….let me help you….USE THEM!!!! I am a person who has to research everything I am going to buy to make sure it is a good product and deal, so I called several photobooths in the area (Fargo). I was very impressed with the cost and quality of the service….Several other vendors will say that their prices are the same but they charge extra for everything! Thank-you Black Tie for making my wedding even more PERFECT!!!”

Jody | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.1.13

“We used Black Tie Photobooth for our wedding reception and it was a big hit! It wasn’t just the kids that had fun with it but all of our guest. Our family and friends kept Jonathan busy all night! Everyone really like that they were able to get additional copies of the pics too. I would definetly recommend him to anyone looking for a photobooth for their event.”

Katie | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.8.13

“As I talked to my fiance about having a photo booth he was skeptical.” Do we really need one?” he asks. I, of course say “YES!!” I knew it was going to be my favorite thing about the reception but I didn’t know it would be my husbands too! He loved it! Everybody complimented me on the photobooth and said how much fun they had with it! We loved how you could get a copy for everyone not just one for everybody to share like some companies do! It was definately worth having and it’s a fun way for the bride and groom to remember who came to share that special day with them! I would definately recommend BLACK TIE PHOTOBOOTH to anyone!”

Brittany | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 3.23.13

“As a company, we enjoy having Black Tie Photobooth at our annual dinner. We started having them come 2 years ago and will continue to have them at our dinners. As always, Jonathan and his team were professional as well as helpful. Our pictures show it all. RTS employees enjoy the photobooth and are comfortable enough to be candid. I don’t think it would be the same with any other company.”

Sarah | RTS | Event date: 2.23.13

“Black Tie Photobooth was an AMAZING addition to our wedding reception. We received numerous compliments from our guests and now have a book to treasure without any hassle. Thank you for being so easy to work with and for providing a medium for memories of our special day!”

Kayla | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 11.16.12

“We enjoyed having Black Tie at our wedding reception! It made the event so much fun for our guests!”

Shanda | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 11.10.12

“We used black tie photo booth for our wedding reception. It was such a hit, everyone loved it! The DVD and the book of photos you get at the end will be great to look at in the future. “

Jospeh | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 10.27.12

“The photo booth was a hit at our wedding reception! Everyone loved the experience and the photos will last a lifetime! We got an awesome memory book and disc of all the photos which will allow us to look back on that day and laugh…..definitely recommended! They were easy to work with and it was no hassle at all!”

Brock & Ashley | Satisfied Groom & Bride | Event date: 10.13.12

“We absolutely loved using Black Tie PhotoBooth at our wedding! Jonathan was polite, professional, and fun to work with! The biggest compliment our guests gave was how much fun they had taking pictures and loved being able to take home a copy as a keepsake.”

Alison | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 10.20.12

“Loved Black Tie Photobooth, all of the guests had the best time putting together fun costumes and filling the guestbook with amazing pictures.”

Ashley | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 9.22.12

“Black Tie Photobooth was a premiere event that was able to provide a great sense of enjoyment for our guests on our wedding day and a lifelong memorable gift for us on our special day! Thank you Jonathan for a great day and service.”

Rich | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 9.15.12

“Black Tie Photobooth was an outstanding part of our wedding. Friends and family of all ages said it was absolutely one of the highlights!”

Audra | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 9.15.12

“Black Tie Photobooth was one of the best investments we made for our wedding day! Jonathan was great to work with and to have a photo of each of our guests is priceless! Plus the guests really had fun with it! Thanks so much Black Tie Photobooth!!!!”

Steph & Josh | Satisfied Bride & Groom | Event date: 8.11.12

“Very Satisfied with service, easy to get a hold of and willing to make changes at last minute if necessary!”

Angie | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.11.12

“Black Tie Photobooth is an awesome addition to any party. It was a huge hit at my wedding! Guests of all ages had fun and are still talking about it…..You can’t get pictures of all guests at your dance with just a regular photographer, Black Tie Photobooth provided us with funny and sweet pictures throughout the night!”

BreAnne | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.23.12

“It was so great having the photobooth at our wedding! Our guests had so much fun, and it was also great getting the memory book so we could have something right away to remember our wedding by!”

Kylie | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.22.12

“Jonathan, owner of Black Tie Photobooth was easy to work with and prompt. He worked hard to see that the kids at our prom were pleased with his service.”

Sara | Prom Committee Member | Event date: 4.21.12

“Our guests loved the photo booth! It was fun for every age!”

Lindsey | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 4.14.12

“Thank you for making our wedding reception fun! Our guests loved your service!”

Heidi | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 4.14.12

“I enjoyed having the Black Tie Photobooth at out wedding. The guests had a lot of fun taking group photos and the memory book will be something that we keep forever. I also liked that you could get a photo strip for everyone that was in the photo. Some that I have seen only give you one to take home.”

Rebecca | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 3.31.12

“Thank you Jonathan for helping to make Rebecca and Matt’s reception great. We enjoyed looking at the album on Sunday while opening gifts. Everyone really liked the photobooth and had a great time. We are very glad you were available on such short notice. Hopefully we will be able to have you again when our last daughter gets married.”

Wendy | Satisfied Mother of the Bride | Event date: 3.31.12

“We were very impressed with the services we received from Jonathan at Black Tie Photobooth! He did an amazing job putting a guest book together as the night went on, and we were SO happy to have the DVD the same night of the wedding!! The booth rental was a great price, and Jonathan was very easy and pleasant to work with!! Terrific Job!!! Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up from this Happy Couple!! :)”

Kristina | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 11.11.11

“The Photobooth is a great idea for a wedding and a big hit with guests!
So glad we did it!!!”

Anna | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 2.18.12

“We really enjoy working with Jonathan & Black Tie Photobooth. He is always willing to give great ideas and very professional. Would highly recommend for any kind of event.”

Stacy | Corporate Events Director | Event date: 2.4.12

“We had Black Tie Photobooth at our wedding reception and they were AMAZING! All our guests raved about how much fun it was and all had a blast taking great photos. Thank you for making our night and guests memorable!”

Kelly | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 1.7.11

“Thank you so much for your services – we were so incredibly pleased with the photobooth at our reception!”

Andrea | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 12.16.11

“Black Tie Photobooth was set up at our Company Christmas Party! It was a hit that everyone is still talking about! Thanks for the fun!”

Laurie | Satisfied Client | Event date: 12.9.11

“We absolutely loved Black Tie Photobooth. It was the perfect touch to our wedding reception. All the guests loved it. The photos were great. And Jonathan was super easy to work with and did an excellent job at the reception. Thank you so much for making our wedding truly memorable.”

Kattie | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 11.26.11

“The photobooth added alot of fun to the reception. People really enjoyed it.”

Cathy | Satisfied Mother of the Bride | Event date: 10.22.11

“We are so happy that we decided to have Black Tie Photobooth at our wedding reception. Jonathan was great to work with and easy to get ahold of prior to the event. So many of our friends and family raved about how much fun the photobooth was and we got so many fun pictures! The best part was the beautiful book that was made during the reception that we got to take home that same night! We also received a DVD with all of the images that night. I would highly recommend Black Tie Photobooth!”

Lindsey & Ryan | Satisfied Bride & Groom | Event date: 10.22.11

“Best part of the wedding!!!”

Rachel | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 10.14.11

“We absolutely loved the service the Black Tie Photobooth provided for our wedding!! They were so accommodating and worked with our outdoor setting. I appreciated the personally made photo strip that was made with our wedding colors and the font we loved! Totally choose Black Tie Photobooth!! Jonathan and his team are amazing!!”

Amera | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.13.11

“Our guests couldn’t stop talking about how fun it was to use the photobooth and receive a keepsake that won’t get thrown away, like most wedding favors. For us, we will have the scrapbook for the rest of our lives to look back and remember how goofy our guests were (their individual personalities really shine in each photo) and how much fun was had. I would definitely hire Black Tie Photobooth in the future for other events!”

Jen | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 9.10.11

“Black Tie Photobooth was a creative way for our guests to sign our guestbook! All of our guests really got into and commented on how unique and fun it was! Thanks- Kelsey & Cole”

Kelsey | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.27.11

“The service was great and the management was seamless. Everyone really enjoyed the whole thing and we are continuing to enjoy the album of photostrips.”

Katie | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.13.11

“No worries on the bride or groom concerning photobooth set up and use. Many compliments recieved from guests saying what a great idea it was. DVD of all photos included as well as pictures in the memory book, it was awesome!”

Tim | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 8.20.11

“Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding reception that much more fun! Everyone LOVED the photobooth; two weeks later our guests are still talking about it!! The memory book and DVD with all of the photos and personal messages are just fantastic! They are most certainly memories that will be looked back on and smiled at :)”

Danielle | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.6.11

“Black Tie Photobooth was a hit at my wedding! Having you guys there made the dance so much fun and I loved the way you took care of the book we got at the end. I also loved that we got a DVD of all the pictures!!! Thank you so much!!”

Elva and Brandon | Satisfied Bride and Groom | Event date: 7.23.11

“I wanted to tell you again how great a job you did Saturday at Elva and Brandon’s wedding reception. As a wedding DJ who has been at hundreds of events, I can say yours is the best photo booth I’ve seen. Not only was your equipment top notch, but with the service to match. It’s the little touches that can make a big difference and, from what I’ve seen, couples could not do better than you. “

Robert Benda | DJ Exclusively for Weddings | Event date: 7.23.11

“When my wife asked for this to be at our wedding, I was a little hesitant with how much the wedding already cost and I felt that this was an unnecessary cost. But she did put in to the perspective – if you buy each guest a “gift” for them to take home, it adds up quickly. And this was a nice gift for the guests that they could use all night, again and again. We got a lot of great pictures and we got to see a lot of people we would’ve missed out on. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested. My wife loves the memory book. And we get to keep it forever. Thanks Black Tie for a great night! And a job well done!”

Gage | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 7.9.11

“They were in and all set up by the time we arrived for our wedding. People loved the photo booth strips as their guest gifts. Such a neat touch – something people can actually keep and remember (better than chocolates!)!! They snuck out quietly when their time was done. Everything went smoothly. They did a great job. :)”

Sarah | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 7.9.11

“The photobooth was such a great way to capture all of the guests at our wedding! Many of our guests commented on how unique and fun it was!”

Brianne | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 7.9.11

“The photobooth was a hit at our wedding reception! It was so much fun for all of our guests. The fact that guests get to sign and leave a message in the memory book was very special. We loved it and would recommend it to everyone! Jonathan was an absolute professional and even made sure the bride and groom made time to take some photos :)”

Samantha | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.18.11

“One of the best decisions that we made with planning the wedding was to have the photobooth at the reception. All of our guests had a blast and we received many compliments on the photobooth. They loved that they got to take a copy of the pictures home and could view and order from the website. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the memory book. I would definitely recommend Black Tie Photobooth and am SO glad that we had the photobooth at our wedding reception. Thanks for everything!”

Lisa | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.11.11

“Black Tie Photobooth was the perfect addition to our wedding reception! With our 450+ guests the booth had a line all night long, and our guests just raved about it. Jonathan was very flexible and willing to work with us to create the perfect “elegant” photo strip. I had seen other photo booths before, but this company truly takes the cake! Thank You Jonathan!”

Heidi | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.11.11

“We had such a good time with the photobooth!!! Everyone thought it was the best thing ever. It was worth the money, everything went so smooth and the memory book was awesome! Totally something we can look through and have a few laughs for many years.”

Rebecca | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.4.11

“All of our guests had such a great time with the props in the photobooth. We especially love the memory book which will be a great reminder of the wonderful wedding that we had!”

Jenny | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 5.7.11

“We had Black Tie Photobooth for our wedding reception/dance and it was the best decision I made regarding our wedding. It was so much fun for the guests and the next day when we looked at all the pictures. Our friends and family talked for weeks about how much fun it was. I definately recommend having Black Tie Photobooth at any event! It is a blast!”

Angie | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 4.30.11

This one is from a letter we received.

“Just wanted to say Thanks again for this weekend. We had a great time and your photo booth was a hit! Also, the book you gave us is something we’ll have forever, it looks great!”

Breana and Trevor | Satisfied Bride and Groom | Event date: 3.26.11

Our employees and guests loved the Photobooth. I have been told that we need to make it a tradition each year. Definitely great service and we hope that we can bring Black Tie Photobooth to our events in the years to follow.

Irma | Family HealthCare Center | Event date: 1.28.11

The photobooth was the hit of our wedding!! Everybody had so much fun with it, and the border Jonathan designed for the pictures was perfect. I would definitely recommend Black Tie for any type of event.

Erin | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 1.7.11

Absolutely Awesome!

Joey | Satisfied Mother of the Bride | Event date: 10.30.10

It was a unique addition to our night that was great fun for all ages!!!

Laura | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 10.16.10

Everyone at my wedding commented on how much fun they had at the photobooth. I would recommend Black Tie Photobooth for anyone looking for something fun to set their party apart from any other.

Adam | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 10.23.10


Crystal | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 10.22.10

The Photobooth was quite possibly the best part of our entire wedding reception! We have had so many comments from friends and family about how much fun they had with the photos and we had a GREAT memory book to take home. We had great photos of all our guests, and the kids and adults equally had fun with it! I love having the photos on a disc as well so we are able to view and print full sized pictures of our favorites as well! This is well worth the money for any reception or event, I HIGHLY recommend Black Tie Photobooth for your event!!

Becki | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 10.15.10

Great job! I can’t say enough good things about your service. Everyone loved it, and it was a big hit. It certainly helped make our day more memorable.

Casey | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 9.25.10

We absolutely recommend Black Tie Photobooth to all future brides and grooms! Our guests and bridal party couldn’t get enough…and my husband and I made frequent visits ourselves!! I work at a wedding venue…and will definitely recommend Black Tie Photo Booth to all of our couples! And if we got to do our wedding again, the photo booth is something we both agree we would never go without!! It was awesome!

Emily | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 9.18.10

It was the hit of the night! Everyone is still talking about it!!

Kristi | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.20.10

WOW!! This was the best thing I could have invested in as a bride! ALL of my guests raved about this part of our event including our grandmas! Fun for all ages!!

Tara | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.20.10

Jonathan is a consumate professional. Everyone used and absolutely loved the photobooth at our wedding reception. The pictures were fantastic and everyone had a blast! Thanks!

Jim | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 8.14.10

It was a pleasure working with Black Tie Photobooth. We were impressed by the open communication and cooperation with creating an individualized experience for our wedding. We would happily use the services of Black Tie Photobooth again! Thank you again for your professionalism and enthusiasm while working with us.

Elise | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 7.31.10

We had a large wedding reception focused around having fun and celebrating! The photobooth was an excellent way to capture the great time everybody had. We can’t help but laugh every time we look at the memory book! 🙂

Laura | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 8.6.10

Having the Black Tie Photobooth at our wedding was such a wonderful idea & never a dull moment! The photo strips made such great favors to our guests & we also get a picture too. Well worth the money because the guests had a blast & now we have those memories forever! Jonathan was great also! Thanks again, JoAnna & Travis

JoAnna | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 7.30.10

We had Black Tie Photobooth for our wedding reception at the Ramada. Jonathan did such a great job accommodating with what we wanted! We had such a large crowd and many guests attending the photobooth, he graciously added more pages in our album, so we didn’t miss anything that night. All our guests had soo much fun using the photobooth. I would highly recommend Black Tie Photobooth for any wedding or event. Thanks Jonathan!

Sarah | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 7.23.10

The photo booth was a HUGE hit! Everybody loved it and had a blast with it. So many people told us how neat and cool it was and a great alternative to the traditional guest book. Jonathan at Black Tie Photobooth did an amazing job. The quality of the photos and service were excellent! We highly recommend Black Tie Photobooth for any event.

Alex | Satisfied Groom | Event date: 7.16.10

All of our guests commented on how much fun they had in the photobooth. My husband enjoyed looking through the memory book after the reception.

Heather | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 5.8.10

I used Black Tie Photobooth at my wedding reception and the service exceeded my standards. I had a Vegas “Lucky in Love” theme and Jonathan customized a couple photo strip boarders for me and let me choose the one I liked best. He was courteous to my guests and accommodating to me. Jonathan was easy to work with and extremely dependable. The photobooth was definitely a hit with everyone! I highly recommend Black Tie Photobooth!

Melissa | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.19.10

One of the most highly reviewed and talked about aspects of our wedding day!

Kelly | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 5.29.10

We used Black Tie Photobooth for our Post Grad party at WFHS and the kids love it! We were also very impressed with the custom border on the photo strips -it makes for a great rememberance for our Seniors.

Laurie | WFHS Post Graduation Committee | Event date: 5.30.10

The photobooth was great! We had pictures of friends and relatives that we would have never expected to utilize the booth. They were so happy to have pictures to take home with them, and we love the comments they were able to share next to their picture in our photo album!

Jessi | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 6.5.10

It was apparent that everyone had a great time getting their photos taken! Thank you so much for partnering with us to help raise funds for the House.

Lori | Ronald McDonald House Charities | Event date: 2.13.10

Guests loved the photobooth! I loved the photobooth! The memory book is great and was well put together and having all the photos on a CD was a really nice addition. Jonathan did a really nice job, was very attentive to details and made sure things were how I liked them from changing the back drop to the images and text that were on the little cards that went into the picture stands. Only thing I regret is not using it more myself, the pictures turned out so nice that I had wished I had done more with more of my friends and family.

Heather | Satisfied Bride | Event date: 10.31.09