#Hashtag Printing Explained

The perfect addition for your event.

We can set the Social Media Station to download photos based on the custom #hashtag that you have chosen for your event and then your guests can view and print their photos.  You will receive all of the photos that have been downloaded on a USB stick at the end of the event.

Using Instagram, the photos that your guests take end up “in the cloud”. Our Social Media Station can be set to download these photos as long as they have the proper #hashtag.

The first step is for you to pick a unique #hashtag and let us know what it is so we can program the Social Media Station.
Second, make your guests aware of your unique #hashtag well in advance of your event.  Two to three weeks ahead of the event date or more works best, adding the information to the invitations would work great as well.  Advise them to use Instagram as the choice for taking their photos.
During the event, your guests can view their photos on the Social Media Station, share them via Email, Facebook, Twitter and even print them.
At the end of the event, we will add all of the #hashtag photos to a USB stick that will contain all of the other photos from the photo booth for you.